The Possibilities Of Concrete Floors


Concrete floors could be given a new lease on life with chemical stains. These types of stains can add color to old, plain, or new concrete which enable it to even be used on colored concrete. Today, stained concrete will be used in everything from office buildings to residential floors. Stained concrete is popular in family rooms, kitchens, restaurants, retailers, garages, sports stadiums, and basements. The stain naturally accents the functions of the concrete, causing a warm look using a natural patina. The coloring is gorgeous and variegated and blends particularly well with Tuscan and Old World decor.

stained concrete floors austin

If you use both concrete dyes and chemical stains, you are able to achieve a broader variety of colors, including reds, yellows, and blues. This allows you to expand your possibilities for decorating the concrete. Dyes also assist address problem areas where chemical stains may not work.

There are supplies and tools offered to create graphics and images on concrete. Methods like torn paper, accents of color dripped to the floor, edges of rags, sea sponges and even feathers provide beautiful effects. Decorating with concrete is bound only by your imagination. You are able to achieve a look of marble or build a mountain top directly on the floor of your home.

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